Alberta Ferretti to Design the New Uniforms for Italian Airline Alitalia

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Once again Italian airline Alitalia revamps their look. This year Alberta Ferretti will design the uniforms for both land and cabin crew, replacing the current collection, designed by Ettore Bilotta in May 2016Alberta Ferretti joins the prestigious list of Italian designers that contributed to the history of Alitalia, starting from the first uniforms designed in 1950 by the atelier Sorelle Fontana, followed by Mila Schon in 1969, Renato Balestra in 1986 and Giorgio Armani in 1991.

alberta ferretti
Alitalia’s uniforms through the years. Credit: Alitalia

Besides refreshing the airline’s image, the new uniform will aim to meet crew members’ needs, who have been asking for a more comfortable and all-weather appropriate attire. The collection will be an example of Ferretti’s emblematic elegance, but will also be practical to ensure both land and cabin personnel’s comfort. The Maison plans on making the collection available by Summer 2018. A percentage of the tickets issued by Alitalia will compensate the atelier for the creative collaboration with the Italian airline.


Ferretti embarked the project with excitement and pride. “Alitalia is an iconic and institutional symbol of our country. For this reason, I have accepted the task of designing the new uniforms with great enthusiasm. I am pleased to take Italian creativity, the elegance and quality around the globe”, said the designer. “We are proud of the fact that Alberta Ferretti will be in charge of the design the new uniforms for Alitalia. They have a tradition of being an icon of style and we want them to be a symbol of Italian”, commented the company’s special commissioners Luigi Gubitosi, Enrico Laghi and Stefano Paleari.

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