Five of the Best, and Cheapest, Art-House London Cinema Spots

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Going to the cinema is a great way to relax as well as indulging in a what can feel like a much-needed spot of art and culture. However, although often enjoyable, sometimes going to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster can get a bit, well, samey, so going to watch an alternative or indie film can provide a fresh take on what have now become stale ideas in mainstream cinema. But paying an average of £15 per head for some viewing experiences can really put a person off going to see the latest new-release films, and that’s before they have even seen the trailer. So, here is a list of the top five most inexpensive London cinema spots in and around the city where film fanatics can still get their fix of escapism without breaking the bank.

1. The Rio Cinema Dalston

London Cinema Spots
Credit: Inside Hackney

Dating as far back as 1909, The Rio Cinema is not only a front-liner in showing the best and newest alternative films, but has proudly kept its art-deco appearance and even still has its old-fashioned style balcony. As well as offering customers two films for the price of one on Sundays, they also only charge £5 for Hackney library cardholders on Tuesdays.


2. Prince Charles Cinema

London Cinema Spots
Credit: Ged Carroll

For those looking for a bargain in a more central based London location, Prince Charles is just around the corner from Leicester Square and provides tickets form £4-£8 after a £10 yearly membership is purchased. This cinema gives guests the option of watching films they may have missed along with foreign language films and new releases.


3. Barbican Cinema

London Cinema Spots
Credit: Barbican

Barbican is a hub for art and culture with regular exhibitions on display as well as the building itself being a much talked about topic of discussion. This aside, Barbican has cinema tickets from as little as £6 on Mondays when booked online and £5 on Tuesdays for students with a valid card.


4. Peckhamplex

London Cinema Spots
Credit: Southwark News

Screening both a mix of mainstream and art-house films, the Peckhamplex is a great cinema in south London for watching films any day of the week for £4.99 and the charming nostalgia feel gives this cinema a real edge over the more larger ones that may be in the area.


5. Genesis Cinema

London Cinema Spots
Credit: Genesis Cinema

Based in Mile End, Genesis cinema boasts having the largest screen in the East- End, perfect to watch screenings on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday when tickets cost only £5. This family-run, independent cinema shows a mix of films for all to enjoy and with such bargain prices, there is no excuse to not spend some time here relaxing and enjoying some films with a difference.

So, with inexpensive cinemas based in every corner of London, there is an option for everyone to go and enjoy the best of art-house films at a great price.

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