Disney Teases New Avatar Theme Park in the World of Pandora

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Yesterday, Disney Parks released a preview video of their new and impressive Avatar theme park, that will transport guests to the world of Pandora. The next instalment in the film franchise is speculated to appear in 2018, giving Disney plenty of time to complete one of the most spectacular park instalments of all time.

Avatar Theme Park
Credit: Disney

Keen to share the park developments early, Disney are giving us a glimpse of how the park will mimic the bioluminescent connected forest, seen in the first film. The park already appears to feature a stunning array of special effects and landscaping – overlooked by Avatar director, James Cameron and Producer, Jon Landau.

The Disney creators are attempting to duplicate the world of Pandora, but on a much smaller scale. The use of cutting-edge technology will portray a mystical park environment like no other. According to Disney, the Avatar Theme Park will see techniques that have never been applied before. Virtually everything in the world of Pandora will display custom-designed props and complex-programmed show equipment with never before seen lighting throughout.

Avatar Theme Park
Credit: Disney

One of the most beautiful rides at the park offers guests a unique chance to journey through the majestic ‘Nari’ river, into the stunning bioluminescent forest seen in the film. Director James Cameron mentioned; “There’s something pretty amazing at the end of that river ride that you’ve never seen before in your life”.

The excitement seen from the film creators and designers gives an insight into the complex nature of this project. The dynamics and technology behind the new Avatar theme park by Disney is sure to amaze the world over. Take a look at the park video above to explore “Pandora: The World of Avatar,” set to open to the public in 2017 in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando.

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