British Coffee Shops are Becoming the Capital’s New Offices

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Move over tea. British coffee shops are the new office spots for city workers.

Britains’s long-standing relationship with hot beverages is renowned. Since the plantations of colonial England sprouted, the tradition of tea drinking has taken the capital by storm, spawning a multitude of tea houses across the city for Londoners to enjoy in good company. However, in the last few years, coffee has replaced tea as the drink of choice, seeing many tea houses disappear in replacement of coffee shops.

British Coffee Shops
Credit: Kaffeine Coffee

Tea is a symbolic drink of a simpler time that many brits associate with relaxation. In the past decade, the typical British cup of tea has been replaced by a Manhattan beverage that many Americans associate with urban living, early mornings, rushed lunches and piles of paperwork. With that, British coffee shops are now the norm. You see meetings, interviews, school studies and office work being completed in these new and stylish spaces. Although it’s the perfect spot for ‘chill time’, many city workers make use of such a space for stimulation and more focused ‘down time’, opposed to the ‘down time’ of leisure of tea and tea houses.

British Coffee Shops
Credit: Sobeso

British coffee shops are allowing Londoners to get work done. Without the stressful feeling of an office environment, little visits to the local coffee shop are actually proving to make workers feel less stressed and much more accomplished.

British Coffee Shops
Credit: Digital Trade Daily
British Coffee Shops
Credit: Eric Parker

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