City Breaks For Brits: 3 of The Best in Eastern Europe

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Trend research shows that city breaks are the Brit’s favourite type of holiday. In 2016 over half of the British people went on a city break and destinations are moving further afield. Easy access to Europe and affordable flights explains why UK citizens are some of the most travelled. Plus, now is the time to explore Europe while travelling remains a breeze. So, here are three of the best locations in Eastern Europe where the pound is still strong. Packed with culture, great architecture and just a short flight away, these are three of the coolest destinations for a weekend fling.

Zagreb, Croatia

While Croatia has been somewhat overrun with British tourists in the last few years, this is less evident in the characterful capital. Check out local magazines for what’s on at the time, as it’s rare you will find a day without a music, film, art or food festival happening in this liberal city. With an abundance of small art galleries, it’s still worth taking a tram to the grand Museum of Contemporary Art. Also, check out SC-a, based in the student area it is surrounded by great street art, and Meštrović Pavilion, the home of Croatian artists is also a cultural venue set in an imposing cylindrical building. The night life caters to all tastes; The Sugar Club is a giant warehouse/ gig venue is alive in winter. Also, check out Medika, a legalised squat, and Masters, a remote, small and dangerously smokey club with the best sound system in the city.

city breaks
Street Art, Zagreb
city breaks
St Mark’s Church

Krakow, Poland

Poland may be best known as the location for Brits to overindulge on cheap alcohol, but it has so much more to offer. With amazing grandiose architecture, the old town of Krakow contains soaring churches, impressive museums and Rynek Główny, Europe’s largest market square. For history check out Shindler’s Factory, a museum exploring the WWII German occupation, and the cascading architecture of Wawel Royal Castle. Culturally rich, why not visit Krakow during one of its many festivals. Krakow Live hosts big names, while Unsound hosts international electronic music, and the Audio Art Festival puts on a number of experimental sound and sight events. Also, don’t leave without sampling Sernik Babci, Poland’s famous cheesecake, Beetroot soup and Pierogi dumplings.

city breaks
Central Square
city breaks
Pierogi Festival

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Still fairly undiscovered, Ljubljana is by far one of the most picturesque cities in Eastern Europe. This greener and more peaceful option provides for relaxing city breaks. As the administrative and economic capital, this well maintained city has restricted traffic throughout the city centre. Perfect for wandering, walk by the emerald-green Ljubljanic River which passes through the centre of the city. In summer, it is home to café seating, as terraces are set up along the banks – check out day and night for great atmosphere. With impressive historical and stand-out modern minimalist buildings, the large number of students also make for a lively nightlife and culture scene.

city breaks
Architecture, Ljubljana
city breaks
Ljubljanica River

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