King Kendrick Lamar Returns with New Album “DAMN.”

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Hip-Hop is one of those genres of music in which you’re never really short of new material to listen to. From radio freestyles, single releases, mixtapes and albums, on any given day someone in the higher echelon of the Hip-Hop community is releasing something. Of course, quantity should never be chosen over quality, which is why there are very, very few artists who generate such a huge buzz around a release as Kendrick Lamar does.

Kendrick Lamar aka Kung-Fu Kenny aka Cornrow Kenny has released his latest studio album DAMN. after teasing us with two recent releases The Heart Part IV and currently the only single release from the album Humble.

Damn Kendrick Lamar
Credit: Getty Images

Following his last album To Pimp A Butterfly, a record which has gone on to not only receive acclaim for its musical achievements but for its social message, Kendrick had a lot to live up to in following it up. Many artists often fall victim to having to follow on from something so critically acclaimed, but Kendrick isn’t just any artist. According to many in the Hip-Hop community, he’s who, one day, we’ll all be saying is/was the best.

The album starts off with a conversation on the track Blood, in which Kendrick is describing a conversation where he is told his life has been lost, followed by the pop of a gunshot and a skit of a Fox News conversation, in which they’re discussing Kendrick’s live performance of Alright. It sets the mood for the album, which is ever-typical of the artist – completely unapologetic, and rightly so.

The opening track leads into DNA, a hard-hitting instrumental laced with lyrics

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