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Then and Now: A Decade of Celebrity Fashion #2006vs2016

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Twitter hashtags can spark anything from a world debate to a controversial cult. With current trends pointing to the #2006vs2016 hashtag, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular celebrity fashion trends over the last decade.

While 2006 introduced a variety of fashion components (some of which were terrible), 2016 has managed to develop into a more complex and diverse year for celebrity fashion. 2006 was a year of boundary crossing, niche testing and idea generating. The drastic change in fashion over the years has also shown an increase in more monochrome colours, flatter shades and thicker booties. Let’s take a look back at some of those memorable fashion fads.

Leopard print belts

Bright colours and a belt to blow you away. Rihanna has certainly toned down her colour palette over the last 10 years. That said, the singer still likes to make an entrance.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Baggy clothes were a thing

It seems that the Beckhams have moved on from the scruffy look. Creased clothing, baggy trousers and Newsboy hats are now a thing of the past.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Tragic combinations

Yes, this was a thing. Harry potter child star – Emma Watson, walks the red carpet in what looks like a cheap Disney dress with dollar-store boots. This is a world away from her 2016 monochrome look.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: Jean / EMPICS Entertainment

Unfitted suits were all the rage

Why were they a thing? Justin Timberlake walks the 2006 MTV VMA red carpet sporting a size he should have avoided. Fast forward 10 years, he’s finally wearing something that fits.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: Buzznet

Loose belts

Reality star Kim Kardashian shows off her loose belt, a fashion statement that lasted way too long. She’s hardly recognisable to the classy figure we see today.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: John M. Heller / Getty Images

Exsessive jewlerry

Looking past the clashy colours and cargo shorts, Pharrell Williams rocks a neck of pure silver. Kanye follows, mixing a thick gold chain with his red leather jacket. Let’s just pray we’re not looking back at these two in another 10 years.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Beyonce rocks a more casual look

The singer wore cropped jeans and a tight tee, a distant memory of her casual approach to fashion. 2016 see’s a more refined look for Beyonce – ripped jeans, black shades and a wife beater.

Celebrity Fashion
Credit: Scott Gries / Getty Images

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