Dolce & Gabbana ‘Expiry Date’: The Brand That Won’t Live Forever

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Dolce & Gabbana Expiry Date
Cedric Buchet

Stefano Gabbana, of the D&G duo, just stated in a recent interview that the homonym brand co-founded with his former partner Domenico Dolce won’t outlive them. As the Italian newspaper Il Corriere Della Sera reported: “Once we’re dead, we’re dead. I don’t want a Japanese designer to start designing Dolce & Gabbana,” were the words of the 55-year-old famous designer.

In such occasion, Gabbana also talked about the personal breakup occurred in 2004 and how both of them have been trying to avoid having any negative impact on the business and on the brand’s aesthetic or its high-end quality. “When we split up, we said to ourselves that it was better to divide up everything, because if I took a blow to the head the next day he [Dolce] would have found himself dealing with someone not involved in the industry, like for example my cousin, who could ruin the business.”

Dolce Gabbana
D&G Campaign 2018

As a matter of fact, the couple, owning one of the 10 greatest Italian fashion houses now billing €1.3bn in revenues, has set up a trust fund that none of the two can touch for the time being.

“We have rejected all offers to buy [the company]. One can have a lot of money but if you are not free, what do you do with it?” added Dolce confirming the ‘expiry date’ of the brand.

So, from 1985 with love, the D&G label is bound to die with its respective designers and, although some might be disappointed, the duo’s willingness to preserve the brand’s identity and looks, in a time where fashion houses keep changing creative directions, is something to be respected, if not even acclaimed.

Dolce Gabbana
D&G Campaign 2018

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