Don Broco Album Release Show

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On the 2nd February 2018, Don Broco released their third album ‘Technology’, the same day they played their album released party at ULU live in London. The 16 track album sent the fans back to old Broco ‘Thug Workout’ era, with the album being heavier on the electric guitar. Through the first listen of the new album it was hard to enjoy properly because I personally love ‘Automatic’ a lot. However, after the second and third listen you can really start to enjoy the creativity behind the album and appreciate that change is good. Plus, these new songs mixed together with the old songs in a setlist made for one hell of a party.

Credit: Don Broco

The band from Bedford opened the show with the spectacular single ‘Pretty’, which straight away sent the faithful fans into mosh pits and walls of death. It was clear that this kind of behaviour was going to be kept up for the entire show, something which the crowd and the band (who did make sure that everyone kept each other safe) loved. There is nothing better than being in a crowd that is so enthusiastic about the music. To me, it adds to the show and makes it more enjoyable. A band could be incredible live, but if the crowd is not passionate about being there and not showing that they’re enjoying it, can have a negative effect on the people around them. Thankfully, this was not the case for this Broco show.

Credit: Don Broco

Through songs like ‘Priorities’, ‘Superlove’ and ‘Nerve’ the fans were brought back to Don Broco’s two previous albums. Both of which were huge successes in their own right. From the new album, the band played all of the singles that led up to the release: ‘Everybody’, ‘Technology’, ‘Stay Ignorant’, ‘Come Out To LA’ and lastly, ‘T-Shirt Song’ which they closed their triumphant set with.

Credit: Don Broco

If there is one thing that can be taken away from this insane night (apart from the bruises and aches from the crazy mosh pits) it would be that Don Broco know how to put on an awesome show.

Check out the upcoming tour dates for donbroco, you won’t want to miss the chance to see these guys live.

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