Facebook Copies Snapchat in New Facebook Messenger Update

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Since the rise of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger has been dragging its heels to try and re-take the crown for the go-to messenger app. With innovation “borrowed” from Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook’s latest Messgenger app update sees some major changes to the camera feature.

New features include filters, marks, stickers and frames – visible under the updated camera button. In a typical Snapchat fashion, Facebook allows users to pick from a variety of filters which current include holiday-themed designs. On the plus side and unlike Snapchat, Facebook’s Messenger app doesn’t automatically self-destruct photos. This looses the “memories” aspect seen on Snapchat, allowing users to simply scroll through their messenger chat to see previous shots. Take a look at the video below.

While the update may not pull users from other messenger apps, Facebook’s development team have produced a much more friendly interface, responding seamlessly to screen swipes, text input and editing capabilities.

The update is available today, head over to your Facebook messenger app to see the feature in action.

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