Google Reveals the Most Searched Topics of 2016

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It’s been another huge year for Google. With the release of the company’s latest Pixel Phone, to the debut of their virtual reality headset Google Daydream, the brand has certainly stepped up its profile in 2016. After such a successful year, Google has recently released a video overview of the most searched topics of 2016. It’s not a year we’re going to look back on too fondly.

Google most searched topics 2016
Credit: Google

It’s turned out to be a year we’ll never forget. War, shootings and terrorist attacks all seem to take a stronghold throughout the video, turning back the clock to darker times. Following this, shots of political milestones such as Brexit and the American election, highlight our fascination for politics throughout the year. Celebrity deaths, Chewbacca mask lady and the Rio Olympics were more highlights of the year. However, Google’s most searched topics of 2016 takes us through the pain, strength and resilience of humankind – promoting Googles free platform for freedom of speech, journalism and equality.

Take a look at to Google’s more comprovhensive list.

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