This Harry Potter-Themed Cafe Will Fulfil all Your Wizardry Needs

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Wizard fans take note. If you’ve been to the Warner Bros Studios Harry Potter World and think you’ve seen it all, you may want to rethink and book yourself on a plane to Singapore right about now. The new cafe Platform 1094 is a Harry Potter-themed cafe that’s just opened up in Singapore. It seems to be as magical as a real-world place can possibly get.

It’s like walking into a Hollywood set. The Harry Potter-themed cafe features Hogwarts inspired decor which includes wooden tables, chairs, candle chandeliers, potion pots and gothic-themed wall cladding. Platform 1094 also offers a full package deal, this includes a selection of magical food and drink, really rounding up the perfect Harry Potter experience. Take a look what you can expect to find inside this mystical place.

Harry Potter-Themed Cafe
Credit: FFL Fresh Fruits Lab

The candle chandeliers, wooden chairs and atmosphere resemble that of the mystical Hogwarts dining hall. With minimalistic and gothic wall finishings, Platform 1094 adds a modern edge to the magical theme that we’re all so familiar with.

From the menu, The Goblet of Fire cocktail and carrot and beetroot soup served in a miniature cauldron, offer sneak-peek into Platform 1094‘s mystical Hogwarts delights. Complete with golden cutlery, the incredible imagination and detail that has so clearly gone into creating this place is an absolute wow-factor for the biggest fans of J.K Rowling’s fantasy world. Be sure to stop by if you’re ever visiting Singapore.

Harry Potter-Themed Cafe
Credit: FFL Fresh Fruits Lab
Harry Potter-Themed Cafe
Credit: Platform 1094

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