H&M Launches New Brand ’Nyden’ Aimed at Millennials

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Just months after H&M launched their brand Arket, which focuses on high quality, staple pieces, the Swedish high-street giant have announced the addition of another brand, Nyden, in 2018.

The new brand, which is aimed at millennials, gets its name from combining two Swedish words, meaning ‘New’ and ‘It’. However unlike a lot of other brands is aimed at Millennials, Nyden will not follow the traditional seasonal fashion calendar, nor will it follow the latest fashion trends. Instead, the brand aims to appeal to the millennial customer, who want to clothe with authenticity, credibility and personality.

H&M Launches New Brand ’Nyden’ Aimed at Milennials

The new brand will be headed up by Oscar Olsen, who has worked at H&M since 2013. Working as the head of H&M’s innovation lab, Olsson was integral to the creation of Nyden through using a mix of sociology and market research to find out what the future of fashion is and the way people will shop in years to come.

Following suit from some of the collaborations H&M has done in the past, for example with Erdem, Kenzo and Isabel Marant, their new brand Nyden will also be a collaborative label. The clothing will feature creative input from what H&M have named ‘tribe leaders’, who will co-create and design clothes that they themselves want to see in the fashion world. The first of these announced by the company is actress Noomi Rapace, as well as tattoo artist Doctor Woo.

H&M Launches New Brand ’Nyden’ Aimed at Milennials

The clothing line will also follow an entirely new sales route for H&M, being sold exclusively at pop-up events and with launches of the clothing being limited in numbers each time.

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