The HyperDrive Hub Brings Back Your Vital MacBook Ports

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So you’ve bought yourself a brand new Apple MacBook Pro and haven’t yet noticed your old USB chargers, mouse, or similar attachments have now been rendered useless. If you’re still living in the past and miss the familiar ports seen in previous MacBook models, the HyperDrive Hub has now swept in to save the day.

HyperDrive Hub
Credit: Sanho Corporation

Apple has seen a lot of bad press since migrating to USB-C. Similar to the removal of the iPhone 7 headphone jack, Apple seems poised to move ahead despite the negative responses. With an even thinner unibody frame, the new MacBook Pro has also ditched the memory card slot. These shifted components are a bold move for the technology giant, leaving room for more advanced and innovative product additions, like the new MacBook Touch Bar.

HyperDrive Hub
Credit: Sanho Corporation

It’s understandable that Apple want to move their products forward, and with less product space, innovative design is pushing out our reliability on out-dated technology. The new HyperDrive Hub features a HDMI output, Thunderbolt 3 port with up to 100W of power delivery, a USB-C port, SD/microSD slots, and two USB 3.1 ports to keep you connected. The KickStarter project created by Sanho Corporation removes the need for dongles. This allowing users to slot in and power up in no time.

HyperDrive Hub
Credit: 9to5Mac

The all-aluminum frame matches the MacBook Pro aesthetic, providing you with a handy and portable plus-one that doesn’t look horrendous. Retailing at $99, the HyperDrive Hub is a worthy investment for all professionals, taking innovation from a fleet of previous award-winning USB-C products. Deliveries are due for February-March ’17, so be sure to back this if you’re ready to ditch the dongles.

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