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Incredible UV Mapping and Texture Painted Renders

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Designed for a personal project spanning over the past 18 months on and off, 3D Modeller and Motion Graphics designer The Rusted Pixel, patiently sat for 35 hours UV mapping and texture painting these cartoon vehicle models. Appropriately titled, “On the Run”, these insanely detailed renders were created using C4D, BodyPaint, Corel Painter, VrayfoC4D, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Seen as a strong influence, The Rusted Pixel looked to Studio AKA’s “Lost and Found”, written by Oliver Jeffers. As a huge fan of his children’s illustrated books, The Rusted Pixel wanted to recreate that illustrated, toon-style feeling with his own personal project. Other influences include Star Wars: Clone Wars, Borderlands 2, Road Runner, Wacky Races, Sunset Overdrive and Laika Studio’s work.

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