Instagram Update Let’s You ‘Love’ Comments and Remove Followers

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After recently adding a screenshot notification function for Stories, Instagram has now unveiled a new set of features. The new Instagram update allows users to ‘love’ comments, disable comments and also remove followers. The features are now available to update on all iOS and Android devices.

‘Love’ Comments

Instagram are now able to follow in the steps of Twitter and Facebook by allowing users to love recipient comments across all image posts. Seen to the right of all comment replies, users can simply double click on the gray heart icon to show some love back.

Instagram Update
Instagram: @trougemagazine

Remove Followers

If you play it safe with a private account, the new Instagram update will now allow private users to remove unworthy followers. Selecting the three-dotted icon to the right of the “follow” button opens a popup for just that! Be warned, the user will be able to follow you back if you make your profile public.

Instagram Update
Instagram: @trougemagazine

Switching Off Comments

If your notifications are blowing up, Instagram now allows users to switch off comments in both new and old posts. When adding a photo, an option appears under the “advanced sharing” list at the bottom of your “new post” edit screen. Clicking this prompts a pop-up giving you the option to “turn off commenting”.

Instagram Update
Instagram: @trougemagazine

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