Introducing MUNA: The American Queer Pop Trio

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The electronic pop trio from the US are on their way to huge mainstream success, with their songs already hitting millions of views on Spotify and YouTube. The band from Los Angeles identify themselves as a “queer band” with many of their songs addressing the issues of gender and sexuality. All three members of MUNA identify as queer, which has influenced them to keep all gender specific pronouns out of their songs.

Credit: Dork

After starting out in 2013, the trio have only just released their debut album ‘About U’ in February 2017. The album is continuing to gain wide success with hit singles such as ‘So Special’ – a breakup song about coming to realise that you weren’t ‘So Special’ to that person after all.

Another huge single on the album is the uplifting “I Know a Place” which carries a message of hope and love. The song signals a message of safety to all, giving them a reminder that everything will be OK. Lead singer Kate Gavin related the single to Yoko Ono’s full page ad in the New York Times that announced “War Is Over” in 1969. She describes the song as being a reminder that the “battle is just the beginning and one day our war really will be over”.

Credit: Catie Laffoon

Recently, MUNA have just finished a European tour as the opening act for Harry Styles. When speaking of the crowds they played to on the road they spoke nothing but praise for Styles’ fan, saying that they were welcoming, and the fans have embraced them in a way they never thought they would receive. Harry Styles himself performs with a pride coloured rainbow flag tied to his microphone stand ever since a fan threw it on stage.

MUNA are currently working on their second album, an album which is guaranteed to make an even bigger impact than the last.

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