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An Introduction to UK Singer & Producer ‘July 7’

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The 19-year-old has produced for the likes of Travis Scott and Young Thug & T.I.

The Manchester producer announces his debut EP, ‘Sweets’ which blends a myriad of sounds and styles seamlessly. His last release ‘Talk to Me’ racked up an impressive 2 million streams on Spotify which places it at No 6. on the Global Charts. Like his hero Pharrell Williams, there’s a belief that July 7 could apply his talent and trademark to just about any sound.

He does admit experiencing a “pinch yourself” moment when, at 17, he was first flown out to work with these big names. “One week you’re in your bedroom making beats, next week you’re in T.I’s penthouse drinking Pineapple Ciroc with him. It’s like, ‘Woah, how did this happen?’”

July 7 ‘Sweets’ Album Art

He remains determined not to get caught up in his newfound, go-to producer status. What set him apart was his analogue approach, rather than relying on sampling like many. Shunning a temptation to purchase vocal samples, he makes his own, twisting original takes into pitch-shifted blurs. He also putting in what he calls “homework”, digging up details on rappers’ crews, finding a way into their circle.

He calls his songs ‘moments’ because they’re often stream-of-consciousness flashes of inspiration. One conversation with a friend will lead to him recording a voice memo on his phone, which he’ll take home and flesh out into a full song. “It comes from talking to people, exploring how I’m feeling. I like to see songs as a blank canvas, where I’m painting the sounds.

July 7
Credit: The Ape Ninja

When asked about the origin of his name he stated that “Seven is the number of completion, the number of perfection. I do everything myself, I produce all my music, I sing on my music – it made sense.”

‘Sweets’ EP Tracklist:

1. Diamond Chandeliers
2. Boy
3. Pronto
4. Special
5. Pronto Remix – ft. Jalen Santoy

Be sure to follow July 7 on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Listen/Stream July 7’s ‘Sweets’ EP below:

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