Keemala Hotel: Contemporary Meets Faux History in Thailand

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Popular with Brits and Aussies alike, Thailand’s tourist numbers keep on growing. This deserved influx in visitors are not short on astounding sights, colourful culture and varied cuisine. Nevertheless, there is one new attraction in town in the form of Keemala Hotel, set in Phuket. With astounding natural surroundings and architecture, this is more like another world than a hotel.

The architects and designers behind Keemala Hotel first created a whole history book, imagining tribes and lifestyles which they would design the resort around. Based on the 6400 km trading route that connected the west to the east, the hotel is inspired by the journeys of merchant caravans that travelled the route carrying those diverse in culture and profession, from carpenters to performers.

keemala hotel

Keemala Hotel Clans

When travellers were caught up in stormy seas of the designer’s tale, they bunched together to survive, eventually washing up in Phuket. Deciding to settle on temperate land, the 4 fictional clans put aside their cultural differences for a life of peace. Each having a distinct set of beliefs, their lifestyles inspired the Villas of Keemala Hotel.

The Pa-Ta-Pea Clan (Earth Clan) believed being connected to the earth would bring them health benefits. These villas are built on the ground, also incorporating it into their clay beds, thatched roofs and earthy interiors.

Keemala Hotel
Pa-Ta-Pea Villa
keemala hotel
Pa-Ta-Pea Villa Interior

The Khon-Jorn Clan (Wonderer Clan) lived in tented homes, as nomadic adventurers these performers and explorers preferred more temporary homes. With the interiors decorated in the trophies of their travels.

keemala Hotel
Khon-Jorn Tented Villas

The We-Ha Clan (Sky Clan) were those more worldly – the healers, architects and inventors – who built their homes off the ground for more creativity and freedom.

keemala hotel
We-Ha Villas

Finally, the Rung-Nok Clan (Next Clan) were more intellectually and creatively inclined. Craving exclusivity, they believed their futures could be predicted by astrology and therefore basked under the stars in outdoor pools.

keemala hotel
Runk-Nok Tree House Villa
Keemala Hotel
Rung-Nok Interior
keemala hotel
Rung-Nok Interior

Keemala Hotel Wellness

A country known for its generous Buddhist practices, as well as its historical health and wellness techniques, Keemala embodies these traditions with a focus on holistic hospitality. While this paradise may look like a fairy tale land, amenities are thoroughly grounded in the present. All the modern facilities are available from Wi-Fi to flat screen TVs. Nevertheless, the true focus is on health. Nestled in the woodland, near the Andaman Sea, this is a relaxing retreat still close enough to the action. With daily yoga, rircuits and forest Tai Chi; to the incorporation of Asian healing wisdom into the cuisine and the sensory Mala Spa. Keemala Hotel has the entirety of you covered – all inside a design masterpiece.

keemala hotel
Credit : Keemala Hotel

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