King Arthur Get’s a Hollywood-Style Revival

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There are some stories that will forever stay with us and excite our imagination. When we feel some sort of connection with the story, either through heritage or simply because we live in that part of the world, that imagination is always bigger. So many people are interested by so many different myths and civilisations because they feel they are descendants. It is for that same reason that so many are so fascinated by the legend of King Arthur.

Arthur’s legendary founding of England and establishment of the mythical code of chivalry has permeated so much of western thinking and romantic art, literature, music and culture. The tale has been retold countless times for the same reason that all myth is retold: to be readapted for a  generation to take new meaning from it. Arthur returns to the big screen this year in the movie King Arthur: Legend of The Sword, with the trailer already available to watch both on IMDB and Youtube.

King Arthur Legend of The Sword
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Directed by Guy Ritchie and featuring Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunman, Jude Law and Eric Banner the movie follows an underdog, the street kid, Arthur. On discovering the pivotal sword in the stone, Arthur embarks on his destiny as future king of what will become England. The trailers all promise armies and battles with enough drama and period costume to be on the epic scale of Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings, fitting in with other epic dramas which have come out recently like The Legend of Tarzan and is set to be released on in may 2017.

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