Lady Gaga Spends Over £600 on Her Super Bowl MakeUp Look

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Classic Gaga. She’s best known for her extravagance, boldness and slightly outrageous fashion. From a meat dress to a telephone styled headpiece, Gaga dresses to impress. She recently dropped well over £600 on her latest look. The superstar is pretty much the only celeb that can get away with such a cosmic Super Bowl makeup look.

Super Bowl MakeUp
Credit: Billboard

Gaga really made an entrance at America’s biggest annual sports event; if her over-the-top fashion sense isn’t enough to catch our attention, we’ve definitely noticed during this year’s Super Bowl, seeing the singer wear a grand total of £642 on her face alone. Among the products used to paint her face, an eyeshadow palette priced at £76, a £35 contour powder and £32 finishing powder were most promonent. Looking at the final result, it’s somewhat difficult to pin-point where all these fancy products originated, however, she doesn’t seem to be wearing more than 5 products. The finished look is definitely worth it in Gaga’s terms.

Credit: Vogue

For the average person, ‘over the top’ is an understatement. However, Gaga’s makeup artist has presented an iconic image for the singer, matching her makeup with an edgy outfit at this year’s Super Bowl event. The whole theme appears very cosmic with post-modern influences that fit the type of Gaga we all know and love.

Overall, Gaga’s Super Bowl makeup look is actually quite tame. As outrageous as £600 worth of makeup may sound, it’s a minor spend compared to her previous sprees. It seems that the singer has made her mark on this year’s Super Bowl after all, despite being most recognised for her meme-worthy hop of the stage.

Credit: FOX/NFL

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