LFWM17 Blood Brother SS18

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As one of the rising star labels of London Fashion Week Men’s, Blood Brother presented an incisive and on point SS18 collection targeting some of the most current issues in our society through youthful and fashionable designs. Its “Login” explicitly states from the first look until the very last, how we should all take a moment to reflect upon neglected environmental issues that get ordinarily avoided in a tech-based fictitious reality. The message is loud and bold, just as much as important and (too) rarely mentioned: log out from your social networks and log into what is truly happening around you.

Through digital prints, patterns of authoritative advertising and rigid silhouettes, Blood Brother managed to incarnate the corporate spirit which it ultimately holds responsible for a great part of the issue’s disregard. It furthermore underlined the general attitude of bold appearances manufactured in order to attract an indispensable approval in a world where social networks sovereign and ‘likes’ are all that matter. This concept was effectively paraded through audacious and eye-catching outfits that are likely to encourage a fundamental exhibitionism and a correspondingly dismantled human inhibition.

Despite the yuppies’ references, the overall collection remains very on trend with the quirky young flows of the season that scattered both men’s and women’s catwalks. While to some it might appear like the usual Millennials’ brand, the message and the mindfulness of Blood Brother are definitely two factors that oblige everyone to reconsider it under a different light. First impressions and external appearances are not always truthful, nor the only ones that matter, in a fashion context just as much as in the real everyday life.

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