LFWM17 John Smedley SS18

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Amongst the designers who showcased their Menswear Spring Summer 2018 collections on the 10th of June, John Smedley is one of the labels worth to be mentioned. The iconic handcrafted British brand, mainly dealing with knitwear, has presented an intriguing series of design all evolving around the equally captivating concepts of fluidity and precision.

The epithets linked to such terms are several and the connection between “the ability of substance to flow” or “to arrive at an estimate with precision” might not immediately recall the general imaginary to fashion. However, this was one of the challenges John Smedley had to face and succeeded in its intention to present a fresh new touch to the historical brand’s main core. As a matter of fact, all its intents gently blended through the Asian influences recalling soothing art flows and the accurately tailored details emblematic of an even greater attention to the overall garments both in terms of shapes, design and materials.

The SS18 collection of John Smedley also aimed to focus on the utilitarian aspect of clothes and developed a series based on the balance between aesthetic appeal and everyday practicality. If you’ve been searching for a high look with low maintenance, look no further: add to the equation a conceptually alluring mindset and the result will be in John Smedley SS18 Lookbook.

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