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Lloyd Llewellyn Talks New Single ‘Selfish Skin’, 70s Music and More

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Are you single, in a relationship, in a troublesome relationship or just in doubt of yourself? You are not alone. A singer-songwriter from South Wales, Lloyd Llewellyn relates and has the correct medicine for your sorrows in the form of music therapy.

‘Selfish Skin’ amongst other Llewelyn’s songs touch upon a common theme of love and self-discovery. However, the Welsh singer brings a certain authenticity that had been shown the support from CLASH Magazine and ATWOOD Magazine. His voice with this kind of a vivid lyricism and melodies indicate Llewellyn is an artist to watch.

From a young age, Llewellyn’s house was always blasting with music, especially his dad who introduced him to all the 70s music legends like The Doors, Led Zeppelin. He says: “We still have a drink and play Cream or The Who and keep up the neighbours. My mum was a huge Stevie Wonder fan and Carol Kings; the Tapestry album is probably playing around the house as we speak!”.

Llewellyn’s family inspires his career until this day. His old man Lyndon still goes on about the magic of the 70s and his grandad Pap taught him how to play the guitar: “My grandad was the start of me playing the guitar and it’s his Les Paul I play today. He always had on Nat King Cole or Louis Armstrong. All of these I still listen to today and are artists that made me fall in love with good music”, Llewellyn speaks of inspiration. Besides the likes of the 70s music, he still seeks creativity from artists like Bon Iver, Nick Murvey and Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ album.

Surprisingly enough, singing was not the childhood dream Llewellyn has imagined for himself. It used to be rugby: “I was playing rugby before, and that was a childhood dream, but after two knee reconstructions and two shoulder reconstructions I ended up being pretty far off the pace,” he admits.

Llewellyn also confesses singing was something he always did, but only in secret. Due to horrible nerves before gigs, he had to put singing on hold, until some ‘properly sh*t jobs’ pushed him towards pursuing something he genuinely loved.

Fast forward, with only a few demos recorded, Llewellyn found himself playing at Isle of Wight Festival, Boardmasters, and Sofar Sounds. Recently, Llewellyn finished some bigger shows and is soon off to play his first international show in Norway. He still shows excitement and gratitude to play with other people on stage. Whereas, there is something about the smaller gigs like Sofar Sounds: “It has to be said that playing small shows like Sofar Sounds. You can see the whites in people’s eyes, and you can hand over your music in its raw form no bells and whistles in complete silence that’s my favourite”, Llewellyn shares.

On top of this, Llewellyn’s music was featured on BBC Radio 6, where Tom Robinson stated: “There’s an authenticity in his voice you can’t fake.” Beyond the radio exposure, his music deserves, the English indie pop band London Grammar also praises Llewellyn’s artwork with “Effortless, pitch perfect.”

As a singer and a songwriter, Llewellyn tends to write alone. It’s the experience and solitude for him: “At the moment I’m trying to establish myself. It’s really important to convey exactly how I want to sound, so I’m taking the time to think of horn lines and every small part, which is so crucial”, Llewellyn bets on himself. His ideas and thought are also coming alive thanks to amazing musicians like Chad Edwards, Matt Brooks, and Charlie Frayer.

Now onto the good stuff. ‘Long Way Down’ is a song that Llewellyn performed at Sofar Sounds. He reveals the story behind the track: “It is about a fairly rough time a few years back that I was in no man’s land. Completely unsure of myself and what the hell I was going to do. It’s a bit of a battle in my head of ‘give up’ or ‘push on’!”.

The second one on the list is ‘Run.’ It is is the first song Llewellyn ever wrote. The inspiration behind is quite straightforward, but still relevant: “This one is about a fairly tumultuous relationship, the mistakes both of us made by being young and reckless.”

The newest creation out of Llewellyn’s repertoire is ‘Selfish Skin.’ The heart of the song lies in the sacrifices you make for your loved one, and it still is not enough: “It’s about just giving your absolute everything to someone, and it is not working out. There are many different reasons that things can go wrong, but sometimes you can’t quite wrap your head around it”.

Looking at Llewellyn’s music so far, one can feel his progress as ‘Selfish Skin’ is the one he will touch hearts with. Llewellyn also told Trouge Magazine about the next release titled ‘Good Man Down’ that he is particularly excited about: “It’s one of my favourites it’s very different to what I’ve released so far. Stripped back to acoustic guitar, almost Ray Lamontange feel”.

If you would love to see Llewellyn’s magic live, you can catch him at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton that’s on 17-19 May. Lloyd will be playing at East Street Tap at 3.30 on Sunday, May 19.

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