L’Oréal and Balmain Announce Make-up Collaboration

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The two French labels team up to release an exclusive collection in September 2017

The multinational beauty house L’Oréal Paris announced its upcoming collaboration with the renown fashion brand Balmain in order to develop a new Colour Riche collection of lipsticks, dropping in stores this very fall. The 12 exclusive shades will be entirely conceived by the mind behind the luxury label, Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing and he will also select 3 of them as the leading “Jewels” of the collection.

L’Oréal Colour Riche Collection “The Pinks”


This collaboration is not so unusual for the french Maison: despite its high couture prices and ideology, Balmain has actually been very keen over the years in developing collections with affordable street brands like H&M and Nike Lab. In point of fact, these previous collaborations captured a great interest among costumers and their popularity saw them sold out in a very short time. It is therefore only plausible to assume the same will happen for L’Oréal’s Colour Riche lipsticks.

Rousteing and his team will not only be in charge of the colour palette, but also of the product’s packaging and marketing campaign. The aim is to deliver through such a small object a true Balmain experience to customers. As a matter of fact, the key to selling the public such a common beauty tool as if it were some precious possession lies in the brand’s ability to sell an experience, a dream lifestyle, and not a mere object. Such luxury-tasting will attract customers through its glossy (or matte) aesthetics just like the Hadid sisters do in Balmain’s latest campaign.


Balmain Campaign 2017

Exclusivity is always a significant factor when it comes to promoting a product’s desirability. In this scenario, the secretive conception of the colours will also increase their appeal to consumers. Which shades will the creativity of Balmain deliver? Nobody knows, and probably it is for the best.

Furthermore, the two french brands, both leaders in their own sectors, share more than a nationality. They are in fact actively “seeking to democratise runway beauty for everyone”, as L’Oréal Paris stated. So the elements are all there: exclusivity, suspense, brands’ reputation, limited availability, affordable luxury and a positive message.

All we have to do is sit tight and wait. Or perhaps wait in line?

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