Ludacris Launches ‘Slang N’ Friendz’ Word Game App

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Slang N’ Friendz is the word game app for urban slang.

Ludacris has long been one of the rap games GOAT’S (Greatest of all times). But the Atlanta rapper has also been dabbling in other entrepreneurial projects and investments. After opening his restaurant Chicken N’ Beer in Atlanta’s airport in late 2016, Ludacris has now has partnered up with the filmmaker Edwin Benton to create an interesting new word game app ‘Slang N’ Friendz’.

Slang N' Friendz
Credit: NRPR Group

Slang N’ Friendz is much like Scrabble with one simple twist: the game’s dictionary includes slang terms which players can use in the game. Slang terms like “turnt” and “bae” which we have become the norm on social media and in conversation, can be used for bonus points in the game. In addition to this, players are encouraged to submit their own slang words, so long as they also submit a place of origin into the games urban dictionary for use later review.

Available to download on Andriod and iOS now, Slang N’ Friendz can be your new time-killer for those long and extended commutes and boring meetings.

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