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Instagram Inspired Minimalist Photography From Aryton Page

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Originally inspired by Instagram, 27 year old Aryton has spent the last few years developing his style of minimalist photography. Aryton Page resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he uses his lens to capture new perspectives on his surroundings. His pictures often feature landscapes and architectural quirks. With an undeniably warm feeling, his simple but strong images are dosed in hues of pink, peach and sky blue. Evoking summer vibes, the vivid colours also create a sense of surrealism. Check out some of his work below as well some of own picks of inspirational Instagram accounts.

Minimalist photography Instagram accounts to follow:

Like what you’ve seen? It’s time to cut down on that cluttered feed. Check out these 2 stylish photographers on Instagram for more minimalist photography, similar to Aryton Page.


It’s worth waiting for a post from Valentina Loffredo. The Italian artist uses her camera to capture rare moments of simplicity with a touch of fun.


Venezuelan born and Spain based, Patricia has mastered the art of bare but still evocative photography.

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