PFW17 Maison Margiela SS18

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What John Galliano did this season at Paris Fashion Week was something spectacular and completely out of the ordinary. Like a child in a playground, you could get a sense from the visuals of the collection, taking a distinctive and unique path that he decided to take on his latest collection. The feeling of freedom and creativity ran through his entire runway show, however, with all this being said, it is no surprise. The path in which Galliano has taken with Maison Margiela is beyond impressive.

This year at Paris fashion week, Galliano took an everyday attire that consists of sweatpants, and sliders, and turned into glamour and poise. He set the theme of his collection with an opening of the everyday sounds you would hear in an airport, and one by one, the models came out and magic occurred.

The tones of his collection were seen to be neutral yet confident. With colours ranging from nudes, khaki, and grey, with a hint of deep tones of red and gold which brought the colours together, complimenting the entire show. It’s safe to say, Galliano is a genius. When you think of an airport, you think of the chaos and hustle and bustle, however seeing the new Margiela collection, it makes you want to buy everything on the runway and go book a flight. It is no longer about matching tracksuits or your fury sliders. Instead, it is about the sophisticated trench coats and the sheer embroidered dresses that are too distinctive to miss out on.

The accessories Galliano used were so simple but still managed to blow me away. As models walked out, holding what would normally look like pillows, were actually perfectly put together bags bringing the outfits together. He used the smallest details such as, ‘baggage claim’ tags attached to his coats, and bags of boarding passes as accessories, which persistently made his theme loud and clear.

What Galliano did at this year’s Paris Fashion Week was beyond exciting, and for me much unexpected. The different looks of his collection spoke through simplicity yet the minor details of embroidery that ran through his dresses and coats were essentially what made his collection pop. The patterns of tassels and baggage pass streaming through the dresses was nothing less than a work of originality.

This collection was definitely something for Galliano to be proud of. He took the unusual and he made it customary. From the glamorous do-rags to the accessory pillowcases, it is definitely time to switch up your airport attire. As I said, John Galliano is a genius.

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