Trendsetting Cities: The Picturesque Florentine Sights

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Next in line for SS17 catwalk inspiration, travel destination Du Jour and 2nd on our list of trendsetting cities is Florence. This capital of renaissance, and the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, isn’t short on elaborate architecture or amazing ice cream shops. The origins of many a big name Italian designer, from Gucci to Salvatore Ferragamo, can be traced back to this picturesque terracotta town. From the glam gran suits to the decorative details, the influence is everywhere.

One thing you must do – at every opportunity – when in Florence is sample the creamy nectar that is Gelato. It isn’t hard to find an ice cream parlour with an amazing selection that is also incredibly good, but that shouldn’t stop you making a pilgrimage to Gelateria La Carraia. Creamy and yet silky soft. You can then burn it off by crossing all the bridges in this river centred city. Florence’s beautiful warm hued streets and decorative stonework are great for those who just love to wander.

trendsetting cities
Duomo Cathedral, Florence

As the birthplace of renaissance, you cannot escape the endless and amazing art galleries. Top of your list should Galleria degli Uffizi. Built nearly 500 years ago, the décor of these once government offices are nearly as impressive as the 101-room art collection. From there, you can take the secret Vesari Corridor- a kilometre long private walkway built for Medicis and now lined with self-portraits. If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary then catch the re-opening of the Gucci Museum.

trendsetting cities
Gucci Museum, Florence

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or not, an unmissable sight for its amazing detail is Duomo Cathedral. And, if you have time to leave the city, then you must visit Cinque Terre. This is a string of pretty seaside villages and an UNESCO heritage site; a hike is the best way to enjoy it.

When in Italy, the food is always an attraction in itself. Mercato Centrale is top of the list, the oldest and largest food market in the city. Eat like the locals and dive into an Appreritivo, a kind of happy hour where you drink Campari and eat from a buffet for free. For something equally as authentic hunt out a Lampredotto van and sample a tasty tripe sandwich. So, in conclusion, eat eat eat!

trendsetting cities
Cinque Terre, UNESCO heritage site

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