Sony to Drop PlayStation 4 Gold and Silver Colour Styles

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Ever fantasised about a owning a PlayStation 4 gold? You’re in luck. Sony has recently announced an upcoming release of two limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles in both gold and silver colour styles. The expected release is due by the end of this month, seeing the new colour styles also available to buy in the PS4’s new and slimmer redesign. The limited edition consoles will be coming to Europe in both colours, while North America will only see gold.

PlayStation 4 Gold
Credit: Sony

Sony is also releasing a set of DualShock 4 controllers to match the new glamorous console colours, showing off a very classy finish all over. Despite the lack of a silver console for the States, Europes new metallic PlaySation 4’s will come with 500GB hard drives, while the U.S. version will pack a massive 1TB.

Sony drops the PlayStation 4 Silver in Europe on June 28th, with the PlayStation 4 Gold edition arriving June 9 through June 17, available in the States for $249.

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