Release: Nike Cortez Kenny Moore

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The Cortez is a shoe that has had its fair share of collaborations. It has also had its fair share of pop culture iconicity. From featuring on the feet of Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, to being worn by Kendrick Lamar at music festival Coachella, in the classic black and white. Model Bella Hadid recently did a photo shoot to celebrate the shoes 45th anniversary, replicating a similar campaign from way back in 1975 with Charlie’s Angels actress Farrah Fawcett riding a skateboard. The Cortez has found a way to continually crop up throughout modern history.

Now, Nike are taking the Cortez right back to the start. Back to 1965 when Kenny Moore was a long distant runner at the University of Oregon, under the stewardship of coach Bill Bowerman. I could rehash the story behind this sneaker staple, but I doubt I’d do it any justice. So click the link here to read about the Cortez’s fascinating start to life.

The Cortez Kenny Moore collection celebrates its creation with three new editions being added to the Cortez family. The first is a real nod to Moore and Bowerman, coming in a classic off white with orange detailing. But most importantly for this flagship pair, is the inscription of ‘MOORE’ on the side of the body; copying the exact way Bowerman tabled the first pair all those years ago.

Cortez Kenny Moore
Credit: Nike

There are two more in the trio. The first comes in an electric yellow with sky blue detailing, it has a mix of a nylon body with suede toe and heel. The second, and for me the standout, is a full suede varsity blue edition. They represent the bright blue pair that Moore was wearing when he broke his foot and unintentionally set off the series of events that led to the creation of the shoe. The injury is alluded to in this pair with a sock-liner that has the very X-ray of Moore’s fracture printed on it.

With the new Cortez you are getting more than just another pair of sneakers, you’re getting a little bit of sneaker history and Nike aren’t afraid to let you know it. On the inside of each pair, the tongue displays a message: Designed to the exact specification of Kenny Moore.

The new Nike Cortez is set to be released on August 25th from the Nike website or elected retailers.

Cortez Kenny Moore
Credit: Kicksaddict

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