Review: The Hunna at the O2 Academy, Brixton

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With incredible songs like ‘You and Me’, ’Bonfire’ and ‘She’s Casual’ there was no doubt that The Hunna weren’t going to nail Brixton. It takes some bands several years and several albums to reach Brixton level, but for the rockers from Hertfordshire, 3 years and just one album was enough.

Credit: The Times

Opening the show with the first single they released from their upcoming new album ‘Dare’ was the electrifying stadium anthem ‘Summer’ –  a song with such a simple, yet so effective chorus it could make anyone lift out of their seat and sing their heart out. The band’s setlist, filled with songs from their debut album ‘100’ really shows how talented the four-piece band is. Every song is a hit, each one has its own special element to it, an element that can really make a person connect with the song. The whole album is a perfect example of what modern day indie/rock music should be. Plus it also helps that each song is one which you want to sing and dance too.

When I go to a gig, I want to sing and I want to dance and I want to connect and feel something when I’m there. There is nothing better than the feeling of leaving a gig with a huge smile on your face, thinking that what you just saw was the best thing you’ve ever seen and that you’ve just had the best night of your life. At this particular The Hunna show, this feeling was clearly mutual amongst the crowd.

Credit: O2 Academy, Brixton

The band played 3 new songs from their upcoming album, ‘Summer’, ‘Flickin’ Your Hair’ and ‘Dare’ with the latter being a crowd favourite of the night. As they played this song they wore White jackets with each member of the band wearing a different letter on the back, spelling out (you guessed it) Dare. Not a bad way to promote the new album, and it also gave them a key Instagram moment.

They ended the show with what everyone knows to be the most recognisable Hunna song ‘Bonfire’. A song which everyone had been waiting for. Through no surprise at all, they did not fail to disappoint and ended the night and their last performance of their UK tour, on an ultimate high.

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