The Collectors Edition of Tame Impala’s Currents Has Landed

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Credit: Matt Sav

Back in October Tame Impala announced a collectors edition of their 2015 multi award winning Currents was to be released simultaneously sending millions of fans hysterical at the thought of new material.

Over two years have past since the arrival of the critically acclaimed Currents, one of my all time favourites, but finally the wait is over. Fans can rejoice over three new B sides and remixes of ‘Reality In Motion’ and ‘Let It Happen’, two of the strongest tracks on the album. The cosmical creation that is Currents stands alone due to it’s unique sonic identity, a real work of art.

Listen to Currents
Credit: Tame Impala

The B side and remixes EP feels like that warm and comforting coffee you’re served after dining the night away. Part of the same meal, but a different feel to it’s main course of Currents, you can see why these tracks didn’t feature on the original album. I can’t help but think they’d feel slightly out of place on it, but don’t take that to mean they’re not as good.¬†All of Tame Impala’s music has an incredibly intimate and personal feel to it. Once you turn on, you switch off from the outside world and slip into a new reality. As if nothing else exists but you and the music, all three of the B sides most certainly have this effect.

The standout track is ‘Powerlines’. Normally it takes a few listens of a song before my mind’s made up. However after a mere few seconds of this track I fell in love with it. The simplistic bass line grips you from the very start and never relinquishes its hold over you. The ebb and flow of intimacy and intensity push and pulls you through the track. It truly is an intensely satisfying listen and will certainly have listeners hitting the repeat button.

Credit: Anthony Smith

A good EP or LP should flow smoothly from start to finish. With this EP there is a slight dissonance between Tame Impala’s tracks and the remixes, which is to be expected. They fall under slightly different styles but the remixes by GUM and Soulwax do serve a purpose. Both are extremely imaginative impressions of two already great songs and work as an excellent pallet cleanser or detox coming at the end of the EP. They’ll leave you feeling fulfilled after a listen to the entire EP. I’m a huge fan, it further expands an already mesmeric experience, the perfect supplement to the near perfect Currents.

Listen to the EP here


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