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Taylor James Eary Reveals New Single ‘Brighter Than The Sun’

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Counting down the days of this miserably cold weather that has set upon us, a young talent Taylor James Eary (@taylorjameseary) brings the hope of warmth with his single ‘Brighter Than The Sun.’ The Southend native releases a song that will brighten your mood with an uplifting, powerful lyricism and a playful sound of guitars.

After sitting down at a former gym turned into a café hotspot in Pancras Square, Taylor shares his story. As a child he was always exposed to music, as his mom is a big music fan, listening to classic English bands like Oasis. The stepping stone was finding an old rubbish keyboard that was a learning tool for a 15-year-old Taylor: “I watched Youtube tutorials, and I would always learn Coldplay songs and then started writing. But I didn’t do anything with it until music school”, he says.

One year into the Sixth form, Taylor ends up transferring into a music school: “I studied subjects like English, Maths, Psychology, and Economics because I thought I didn’t have a career in music. I used to skip the classes to go to the music room instead” Taylor admits to innocent rebellion.

Leaving Sixth form to give music production a real chance, Taylor got himself into a lucky accident by walking into the wrong room. He realised he signed up for a music performance course when they asked him to audition. Taylor never wanted to be on the stage as the frontman. The reality of this mishap happening could have been a little push from the universe as singing wasn’t something Taylor planned: “I was quite happy being tucked away with my keyboard, but I was forced to do the occasional solo singing what blossomed into doing songs of my own,” he explains.

Taylor, writing his songs himself, shares the aspects of the process from up-close: “I always make music first, generally on a piano or a guitar and then bring lyrics into it. There has never been a time that a certain situation made me happy and I was like I need to write a song about it. It’s a build-up of fragments of inspirations of different things. I never start crying going to my bedroom and start writing about the whole experience”, he giggles.

The sound of Taylor’s music is not the usual, an easily categorised genre of music. It’s more of a blend of wide atmospheric sounds, like material from the War on Drugs, with indie elements and upbeat guitar parts. His love for jazz music is undeniable, but he is not against potentially exploring dance music with a funky base in the future.

His single ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ is a clear proof of Taylor’s talent for songwriting and putting together a song that can speak to all of us. The combination of his soft voice, emotive lyricism, and playful, breezy guitars is a perfect soundtrack for spring and for falling in love.

Even though it is a love song, it is the uplifting kind as Taylor himself states: “It is about the feeling of searching for that one person you know will save you regardless of what you have or what you don’t. It is about trying to find something or someone you lack that would take you out of the place that you don’t want to be in any more”.

Working on releasing more singles, the singer is currently practising a live set. With ‘Brighter Than The Sun,’ Taylor James Eary showcases the pure talent that has an even brighter future.

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