Netflix Mysterious Drama ‘The OA’ is Your Next Gripping Binge-Watch

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The mysterious and new sci-fi drama The OA is a gripping and binge-worthy Netflix release to watch this holiday season. The eight-part series follows a girl-gone-missing in a multi-dimensional travel drama. Created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, The OA shares a unique story, luring viewers into a complex drama-thriller following the return of main character, Prairie Johnson – played by Brit Marling who also co-created the series.

Netflix The OA Holiday Binge
Credit: Netflix

Prairie Johnson is introduced to us as a missing blind girl who disappeared from her family home several years prior. Following this, we see the return of Prairie on a bridge, dazed, confused and appearing suicidal. After reuniting with her parents, they notice some major differences in their now twentysomething daughter. Her back bares strange scars and her insistence of being named “The OA” sparks the interesting journey about to begin.

Netflix The OA Holiday Binge
Credit: Netflix

After returning to her family home in a failed suburban development, Prairie begins to inhibit signs of her apparent post-traumatic experience. Her neighbourhood almost emphasises her lack of normality in a world trying to squeeze questions about her sudden ability to see. In a neighbourhood of sad-sack suburbanites, several characters begin to emerge in the loom of Prairie’s arrival. We see high school rebel, Steve Winchell, causing trouble in all encounters.

With that, U.S. The Office star, Phyllis Smith, plays an awkward high-school teacher, determined to drop this troubled teenager from school. Along with a few other troubled souls (all neighbours in this failed development), Prairie begins to hold late-night meetings in an abandoned house. In a candle-lit attack, she shares her unfathomable past experiences over the last seven years of her life. Each night her descriptive accounts bring the group together, growing an unlikely bond between her new-found followers. In a series filled with edge-of-seat drama, questions arise to Prairie’s past – is she telling them the truth, or is she using these fanatical tales to avoid facing her relaity and gloom?

Netflix The OA Holiday Binge
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix series provokes deep thoughts about the interesting stories of NDE (near death experience) survivors. Full of crazy scientists, secret rooms and unusual people, The OA also shines a light on the youth of today, highlighting the intelligence and will-power of Prairie’s unlikely followers. While the show follows main character Prairie, we see a story that encompasses the lives of many, including Prairie’s long lost father and Russian past. Check out the Netflix trailer here

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