Thriller Movie ‘Get Out’, Claimed Controversial and Comical

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Earlier this year, the most talked about and controversial film, ‘Get Out‘ was released. However there has been recent concerns regarding its genre, which could have overlooked the bigger picture. When the movie was released, it was known to fall into the category of ‘Horror’ however it was the content of the movie, and the budget that shocked viewers worldwide.

Get Out
Credit: Universal Pictures

Despite the running off an budget of only 4.5 million US dollars, the film had a phenomenal impact worldwide, leaving a lot of viewers with questions and thoughts. Most of you, who have watch the film, ‘Get Out’, would agree that despite a few comical scenes, the message of the story remained serious, and is a relevant topic in the United States during this time.

With the huge success of such a low budget movie, the film still suffered a big controversial backlash, with viewers claimed the movie was based on hatred towards the caucasian race. However, for director Jordan Peele, who has made a great name for himself in the film industry, he voiced his opinion of the important message behind the film. He saw the dark thriller as a message to how African-Americans lose a certain agency over their bodies.

With the 2018 Golden Globes coming up, the movie was recently nominated within the ‘comedy’ category. The Actors of the award nominated film, took to twitter to express their concern of the serious message that has been looked over due its ‘comical’ nomination.

If you have seen the movie, or not, you’re probably already aware of what ‘Get Out’ was about. A film about a young black man, who visits his girlfriends family, who are of the white descent. The film gradually tells the story of a man’s body that is almost drugged into becoming a slave to the families. Director Peele, had stressed much about the importance of this film, and what it means to him and the representation it has in today’s time.

Whether or not, the independent hit will win awards in the comedy genre is yet to be known. However, the Golden Globes has certainly raised some questions.

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