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Transcending Boundaries Exhibition by teamLab

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This month, Pace London presents Transcending Boundariesan innovative exhibition by the creative group, teamLab. The Japanese art collective includes a range of members from artists to engineers to mathematicians. The exhibition features three rooms, two in which are new. Think fluttering butterflies, blooming flowers, and gushing waterfalls. The interactive, immersive installations explore the role of digital technology in art. Using traditional ancient Japanese Art as a foundation, teamLab seeks to transcend the boundaries of art, technology and design. 

Transcending Boundaries at Pace London
Credit: teamLab/Pace Gallery

The largest room, Universe of Water Particles (2017), features a virtual waterfall that stretches from the gallery’s walls to the floor and around the feet of viewers. The second room, Dark Waves (2016), is a simulation of the movement of waves.

Flowers Bloom On People by teamLab
Credit: teamLab/Pace Gallery

The last room, Flowers Bloom on People, uses the viewer’s body as a canvas for projections of coloured flowers. As the viewer moves, the flowers expand and contract and respond in continuous movement, creating a symbiotic link between body and space. What brings these rooms together, is the universal theme of the natural world. 

The viewer is no longer restricted to the earth-bound perspective but is invited to interact with these spaces by touching the gallery’s walls and floors. For teamLab, this show is about removing the boundaries in art.

Dark Waves (2016) by teamLab
Credit: teamLab/Pace Gallery

The exhibition is a digital world that is replete with spaces and natural forms that are constantly in fluid movement. For those who are interested in the relationship between nature and the digital world, this is a show not to be missed. 

Transcending Boundaries will be shown at Pace Gallery London until March 11. 

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