Under the Radar: Hummel

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Let’s face it, sneaker brands are a never-ending stream of new releases, extra colour ways, and updated editions. It’s a relentless cycle. Fresh creps get dropped on an almost daily basis, and with all the hype that can be created by the industry giants of Nike and Adidas, this means some shoes go under the radar.

It’s hard to keep track of who’s collaborating with who, or when the next restock is of that pair you’ve been waiting on for ages. This is why there are so many websites offering the ‘latest’ sneaker news or the most accurate release calendars. It also causes a problem; some of the most underrated brands go under the radar.

This article is about one of those brands. Hummel.

This is yet another sports brand established in Germany, although they are actually now Danish (having been bought by a Scandinavian importer in 1975). Hummel have been quietly going about their work in the sports industry, sponsoring a number of lesser known football teams. They also sponsor bigger names like St Pauli or the Danish national side, although this is no surprise considering this is the brand that invented the studded football boot back in 1923.  However, we’re here to talk about the trainers.

It’s the Marathona model that instantly stands out as a competitor to the big boys. With a retro style silhouette and a range of colours and materials, they’re a pair that have gone under the radar of sneaker-heads for some time.

Hummel have already got two big collaborations under their belt. one with German sneaker shop Overkill, who produced a vibrant white and purple version of the Marathona. The other with a well known Japanese shop called Mita Sneakers, offering a light orange and black suede edition. My personal favourite is the Hummel Terrafly MT Mid, coming in a yellow and black suede they’re an eye catcher on any street.

Under the radar
Credit: Runnerwally

If you’re looking for more of a Adidas Gazelle or Puma Suede style vibe then look no further than the Hummel Hive Super Trimm. In a sleek and simple black over white colour, this pair goes with any piece of clothing you can think of. But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at some of the bigger online sneaker retailers in Europe. I can assure you they all sell Hummel, and see what you think.

Under the radar
Credit: Hummel

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