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Welcome the Grand Diversification of the 2018 Men’s Fashion Forecast

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2018 is unraveling at the seams for men’s trends and fashion, and in a liberating sort of way, considering most men simply don’t enjoy the labyrinth of fads, twists, and complexities of day-to-day matters or routine approach. Suitably, 2018 unmasked the narcissism through the dismissal of strait-laced suit tailoring and the rigor that comes with it.

We’re seeing a deviation from the prim to a pacific feel, unrestrained tailoring with a drop of remiss, much like James Stewart on vacation. 2018 is about finding that suit blazer hidden away in your grandpa’s closet and pairing it with white socks and your slightly scruffy summer espadrilles. Great suiting can be adaptable with casual tees and mix-and-match blazer/trouser pairings. Mood: weightless and barely bothered.

Another feature to recognize are details in modernity. Men’s 2018 fashion is about creating a solid and comfortable groundwork, such as your favorite shirt, but adding or removing facets of the look. Prepare to be transported to the 70’s and 80’s this season, with evocative retro vibes from your agnate. It’s the reminisce of prom from that run down 1980’s high school of your childhood neighborhood, or what Kurt Cobain would wear to a flower child wedding with nostalgic old-fashioned wallpaper.

Photo: Getty Images: L to R – Todd Snyder, Patrik Ervell, N. Hoolywood

So what composition echoes with your mood this upcoming season? It’s all about the vibe, ease, and well-being for the season. We’re seeing soft-hued velvet, muzzled and frail tapestry’s, and almost lavish brocades, all disposed to transform the stereotyped masculine image. Be prepared to incorporate embellishments, frills, and trimmings too, but all in good taste as we welcome the grand diversification of the decade.

If bling isn’t your thing, summer feels are year-round with colorful Caribbean drawstring slacks, cuffed, pleated and high-waisted, if you’re ready for it. A play on print is a great way to let loose with your attire. The next season shows us the 2018 man will be more Hamptons-esque, with an air of nonchalant opulence. Kind of like ‘it’s no big deal that I’m drowning in money’ sort of thing. Evening looks resemble the summer jazz of the 30’s with zoot trousers and boater hats.

And for the super slack, we’re thrilled with the 90’s baggy dad styles this season, very factory-fashion forward, with fanny packs, raincoats, elastic waistbands and Matrix sunglasses. Wonder what 2019 will bring, perhaps something renascence?

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